THE BREADTH, LONGEVITY, AND DEPTH OF OUR EXPERIENCE evidence the value of the products and services we provide.

Research Experience

  • Now in our third decade, we have completed studies focused on hundreds of highly specific areas of medicine (e.g., ADHD, AFIB, COPD, HIV-AIDS, PAH)
  • We have identified, profiled, and mapped the influence of tens of thousands of individual KOLs and organizations worldwide

Established Clients

  • Over 90 client companies
    • All of the top 15 largest pharmaceuticals
    • 8 of the 10 largest biotechnology firms
    • 5 of the 10 largest medical device companies
  • Our services are received with such enthusiasm that clients typically request ’add-ons’ mid-project, such as:
    • Further KOL identification in the same therapy area
    • Additional KOL profile modules
    • Subscriptions for regular updates
    • Additional projects

Some of our clients:

Custom Analyses

Taking pride in developing innovative, methodologically sound approaches to analysis and presentation of KOL data, we welcome the opportunity to provide the highest value solutions to whatever may be the most difficult questions you face. We like a challenge.

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