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      COMPANY/ 公司介紹

      Yangjiang Guanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a hardware knife and shear machinery and equipment manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales.

      The company's main production equipment are: automatic water grinding belt machine, CNC single-sided grinding, CNC vertical grinding, CNC dental machine, CNC automatic loading and unloading, automatic waxing and polishing machine, hydraulic vertical grinding, single-sided grinding, double-sided grinding, sanding machine, etc.

      Our products are in the leading position in the same industry in China. We constantly surpass ourselves, constantly update our concepts, bring forth new ideas, solve the increasingly complex process of users to a large extent, reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and make due contributions to solving the polishing and grinding problems for hardware knife and shear enterprises, which is the eternal purpose of Guangzhou machinery.


      The company has a number of patented core technology, but also recognized by the relevant departments. In 2013, the CNC multi-function automatic single-sided grinding machine was recognized as a new product of Yangjiang knife and shear machinery. The company won the second prize of Yangdong District Science and Technology Award in 2012-2013, the second prize of Yangjiang District Science and Technology Award in 2014-2015, and the outstanding patent award of Yangdong District in 2016-2017. The company was awarded the advanced patent enterprise of Yangdong District in 2016-2017, In 2018, Yangdong District of Yangjiang City was recognized as a high-tech enterprise.

                In order to better serve customers, Yangjiang Guanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. specially established Yangjiang huangshifu Tools Co., Ltd. as the customer experience center of Guanghai machinery, so that customers can more directly understand the equipment performance and achievements of Guanghai machinery production. At the same time, Yangjiang master Huang Tools Co., Ltd. will build master Huang brand garden tools into high-end garden tools.

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      Service hotline:137-1986-3992

      TEL:0662 - 6810356    FAX:0662 - 6810356



      ADDRESS:Beitu Town, Yangdong District, Yangjiang, Guangdong The intersection of   

                         Huoda 4th Road and Jintian 4th Road in Nahuo Industrial Zone


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