Why Choose Leadership in Medicine?

For those scaling the mountains of information across the health science landscape, the need for a seasoned “Sherpa” has never been greater. Consider our expertise, experience, and consultative approach.


Founded in 1995 by Cornell University social psychology and organizational sociology Ph.D.s, Leadership In Medicine pioneered applying social network analysis to assess paths of influence in healthcare. Our enduring adherence to rigorous and ethical social science standards ensures the results we produce are objective, reliable, and worthy of investment.

Our fundamentals:

  • Work closely with client to precisely define project terms
  • Source, vet, and validate highest quality data
  • Apply evidence-based, best-in-class analytical methods
  • Timely present clear and engaging results

Unparalleled Experience

  • Over 90 client companies
    • All of the top 15 largest pharmaceuticals
    • 8 of the 10 largest biotechs
    • 5 of the 10 largest medical device companies
  • Completed studies on hundreds of highly specific areas of medicine
  • Profiled over 60,000 KOLs and organizations worldwide

Attention to Detail & Responsive Project Management

Not relying on automated 'web scraping' or real-time fuzzy logic, client-specific teams of dedicated researchers discern wheat from chaff to get all the details right. Their managers guarantee both excellent follow-up and follow-through.
Our scientific backgrounds, longevity, and experience ensure we understand:
  • The medical research process
  • The academic-industry medical complex
  • The medical literature publishing process
  • The types and sources of data
  • The changing disclosure and compliance landscape
  • How best to retrieve, validate, analyze, and present information
  • How best to support decision making in complex and turbulent markets

You can expect:

  • More human than machine intelligence
  • Expert project management
  • Input and approval at all key decision points
  • Scrupulous adherence to ethical guidelines
  • Passion for detail
  • On-going support